Friday, April 12, 2013

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Freeze Protector Circuit

This is the simple freeze protector circuit diagram. It is also called timing circuit. It is just hobby project for beginners. When you need to operate automatically any device in the fixed time later after coming AC power supply, you can use this circuit. 

The voltage amplitude
is high when AC power come. Suddenly high voltage destroys the
electronics device. For this reason, in the time of load shedding we
need to switched off electronics device (Audio/Video player, CD/DVD
Player, TV, Freeze or any electronics device). This circuit solve this problem.

Hobby Electronics helps the beginners to know the timing circuit specially using 555 IC
timer. NE555 IC is the very simple well known parts. Its configuration
is very simple. You can use this timer any simple circuit. 

In this circuit use 12volt
power supplies. 300k variable resistor is used for timing control.
Timing resistor and capacitor are 300k and 1000uF. Only change the value
of the variable resistor for your required timing. 

The circuit output pin 3 is connected with resistor (10k) and output 12 volt relay. Relay is connected as figured with the device. Making cost is too low. Anyone can make this circuit easily.